The BlueDog Story

The BlueDog Story

The name BlueDog comes from a paternal moment between a father and his son. Our CEO Ron’s son had a blue stuffed dog that he carried with him everywhere until one day it disappeared.

He and his wife spent hours searching but to no avail. When it was thought that all was lost, they discovered the lost blue dog. When Ron returned his son’s companion in that serendipitous moment he understood what that blue dog meant to his son.

He knew that we had to be our customer’s blue dog: an advisor, someone to rely on in your most desperate time of need. Your company’s best friend.

I remember my son's face when we found his blue dog; that feeling of relief and joy is what I wanted to capture for BlueDog Business Services. I want my customers and employees to count on BlueDog to be there when they need us most.

So, let us be your Blue Dog.

Ron Eliot Dichter

President/CEO, BlueDog Business Services

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