Why Is My Credit Card Processor Holding My Money?

As a 20-year veteran of the credit card processing industry, I’ve heard my fair share of complaints surrounding how the industry works. One of the most common complaints I’ve heard relates to fees. I’ve told my sales team this a million times: we charge money to take money, so most of the time we’re viewed as the bad guys — regardless of how little our margin is — because the perception is that the whole fee goes right to us.

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BlueDog Gets to the Poynt

The Poynt Smart Terminal: The world's first smart terminal continues to amaze Payment hardware isn't always beautiful, but thanks to a handful of vendors, it not longer has to be ugly. For whatever reason the point of sale has been overlooked for years; design has...

BlueDog Acquires Invoicing Start-Up Invoices123.com

Vero Beach, FL - Blue Dog Business Services (BlueDog), an award-winning merchant service provider and one of INC. Magazine's Fastest growing privately owned companies of 2017 have finalized their acquisition of Cyprus-based invoicing Start-Up Invoices123.com....

On The Lost Art Of Math

I remember well the day when I decided to write an article on this topic. Let me replay the moment for you. In typical Saturday morning fashion, my son and I left my sleeping wife and daughter at the house to make a dash for the grocery store and...

The Equifax Breach is Very Bad. Try to Mitigate the Fallout Now

Compromising the names, birthdates and Social Security numbers of 143 million Americans is pretty bad. In fact, it’s hard to imagine how a data breach could be worse unless you were to simply increase that number.
But our lack of imagination doesn’t mean the breach isn’t, FAR worse than it sounds. When you start to look at the potential consequences of such a breach, it actually becomes difficult to really stress just how bad the breach could be.
Equifax, for its part, isn’t helping.

Duct Taping Walmart onto Google Products Won’t Stop Amazon

It’s an obvious move to counter the popularity of Amazon Echo, the home of Alexa, Amazon’s good but not quite “intelligent” voice assistant, and acquire some of that sweet sweet voice ordering market share. It is also an example of the woefully unprepared, short-sighted vision of the top folks at Wal-Mart.

Part 3: The Elk & The Future According to Amazon

Amazon Go is a utopian, and possibly unrealistic vision of what they plan to do. Amazon Go, as Amazon describes it, “… is a new kind of store with no checkout required. We created the world’s most advanced shopping technology so you never have to wait in line. With our Just Walk Out Shopping experience, simply use the Amazon Go app to enter the store, take the products you want, and go! No lines, no checkout.” Amazon had planned to open Amazon Go to the public in early 2017, but technical set backs have delayed public availability.

Market Cascade in the Greater Retail Ecosystem

In 2015, Amazon’s market capitalization overtook Walmart and, without any meaningful physical retail presence, Amazon directly competes with virtually every major retailer in the United States. If the Walmarts and Home Depots of the 90s were retail predators, Amazon had grown into an Apex-predator.

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