Gift Card & Loyalty Programs

Affordable solutions that drive customer loyalty.

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Un-Redeemed gift cards create instant revenue

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Reduce loss from returns. Offer gift card refunds

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Distribute pre-loaded cards to loyal customers with Proactive Marketing

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No immediate start-up costs by going with BlueDog

BlueDog Gift Card & Loyalty Program:

• Generate additional cash flow

• Create impulse sales

• An average gift card sale is $50 and because of ticket lift, 61% of customers spend 33% more than what is on the gift card

Produce Breakage Revenue:

• 15% of value on gift cards is never used

• In 2015, an average of $2.30 is left on gift cards resulting in $5 billion

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BlueDog Treat Cards

A Treat Card is a closed loop gift card that is given out by BlueDog to its customers and communities it works in. They can also be purchased by BlueDog customers to be given out to employees, clients, etc. All Treat Cards have a face value of either $10 or $25.

How to Redeem

Treat Cards are redeemed by the customer filling out a form and submitting a copy to BlueDog. Every Friday BlueDog mails ot our treat card checks.


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